GMT GeoMet Tech offers the following new products for project evaluation. These products are targeted to benchmarking your rock from a metallurgical perspective to those present or past mining operations that most resembled your type of mineralisation. These products would be used very early in project evalution in order to support early stage strategic analysis or at late project evaluation to benchmark your project performance. The process consists of a "matcher" using AI to match rocks based on a detailed geological description and then, secondly a detailed database of global deposits encompassing geological, mineralogical and metallurgical description. The products are:



A classification system for classifying your rocks (from client geological and mineralogical description) and then matching it to current or recent data from mining operations processing rock of same or very similar type of mineralisation. “MetMatch” will describe the ranges of metallurgical performance realised, the type of processing route(s) and, if available, some information on operating and capital requirements for these together with comments on any new technology (if available). A professional report will be produced and signed off by one of GMT's senior technical professionals.


MetMatch Mini

Similar to “MetMatch” but providing only metallurgical information and not some of the operational or other details provided by “MetMatch”


Met II

This product uses quantitative mineralogy on a few selected samples to better define your project mineralogy and texture and then based on this refine the matching to present or past mining operations before determining the benchmark. "Met II” would usually follow a “MetMatch” evaluation.


NOTE : All these products are currently in development. Expected initial product release is January 2011.