About GMT GeoMetTech Ltd.

GMT GeoMet Tech Ltd has been formed to provide top-end technical geometallurgical consulting and focused products in geometallurgy, to the global mining and exploration industry. The company founder, Steve Williams, has more than 30 years of metallurgical experience, especially in the application of geometallurgy for mining project strategic analysis, flow sheet development and economic evaluation. Joining Steve in this company is an experienced team of geological and metallurgical experts, including Clinton Smyth and Chris Martin. Together, this team has more than 100 years of geometallurgical, geological project experience and expertise.

GMT GeoMet Tech Ltd will provide geometallurgical and metallurgical consulting together with some new products to the market called “MetMatch”, “MetMatch Mini” and “Met II” which are aimed at early project characterisation from a metallurgical perspective.

GMT GeoMet Tech is building an expansive geological, metallurgical and mineralogical database covering all common geological model types of deposits. This database will carry information on existing and past mine operations and other new project developments for their geology, mineralogy and metallurgical performance. This database will provide rich information fthrough the “MetMatch” series of products to both benchmark your new project and also provide strategic and technical guidance for the project development.

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The use of geometallurgical methodology for new project development – is about doing it right technically – strategic analysis, scenario analysis, risk reduction and economic optimisation. Overall it is about just knowing your deposit and being ready when you mine it.

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